My name is Gabriel Zarate, I am currently pursuing a career in web development as well as UX/UI design.

Web design

As someone who is new to web design, I am eager to pursue this field because I am fascinated by the power of the internet to connect people and businesses around the world. While I may not have extensive experience yet, I am committed to learning and developing my skills through online resources, courses, and practice projects. I am excited to apply my creativity and problem-solving abilities to design and develop engaging websites that meet the needs of clients or users.

UI/UX Design

As someone who has beginner experience in UI/UX design, I am eager to combine those skills with web design to create visually stunning and user-friendly websites. I understand the importance of creating a seamless user experience and the impact it can have on a website's success. By incorporating my knowledge of design principles and user behavior, I am confident that I can create engaging and intuitive web designs that meet the needs of both clients and users. I am excited to continue developing my skills in both UI/UX and web design to create exceptional digital experiences.

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